I did some heavy lifting at work in the the past two weeks. Busy work weeks leave little energy to pursue writing or photography. I managed to photograph two models in that time but I neglected writing completely and rarely edited photos.

With these two weeks safely behind me I am starting to reflect on how my photography has changed since I bought the medium format camera.

  1. I focus mostly on photographing people, models in particular. Landscapes don't catch my eye.
  2. I struggle holding the TLR camera level in my hand. So I shoot exclusively with a tripod, a first in my photography career.
  3. I rely heavily on editing with Photoshop. The Wacom pen-tablet is working out well. My post-processing has slowed down but I think I am doing better work.
  4. Even after a difficult day I find it enjoyable to edit one photo really well on photoshop
  5. I am getting more picky with the models I want to work with. I am desprarate to get some variety of age and ethnicity in my portfolio. I want to get a variety of genders too but no luck with non-female models so far.
  6. More models are willing to travel to Lakeland to work with me; even from an hour away. My work now must be improving from my previous portraits.

One more thing: I don't struggle to find things to write about. I do struggle to find the time and mindset to write. I am chalking it up to busy work days. It is important that I learn to appreciate the ebb-and-flow of my creativity.