The Cure for Monotony

The cure for monotony is not shopping.
It isn't inhaling Netflix.
It isn't Pokemon Go either.

Monotony is lack of care. So the cure for monotony is care.

Few things are as monotonous as doing laundry.
Lots of wait time between loads and cycles.
Lots of dirty clothes to separate and move.
Lots of clean clothes to hang and fold.
Fitted sheets!
I hated doing it all and often found myself fishing for clean but crumbled clothes straight from the drier before going to work.

Deciding to care for well folded clothes changed the way I did laundry. It went from a boring chore to a less boring routine. Now my clothes looks like this.


Learning, like really learning how to fold fitted sheets helps too. I googled it for you. Try it. If it does not work, come see me and I will teach you. Free of charge. A little vietnamese lady taught me at the laundromat I used to visit.

The value of my clothes have not changed by me folding them a certain way.
Neither has their longevity.
I am stil spending the same amount of time folding clothes as I did before. Just not from a week old crumpled pile anymore.

No one likes to do laundry.
No one enjoys doing dishes.
No one likes to make their bed in the morning.
But doing these things makes our lives a little better in some way.

Better is better than okay.
And the way to get to better is by caring.