Deliberate Practice

I started sketching heads today.
Human heads to be in particular.
In one orientation.
Three-quarters angle.

I did a page of 20 heads today. These are just practice, so I am going to fish out those spiral notepads from trade shows and job fairs that I have accumulated over the years and start practicing.

The goal is to do 20 heads a day. I might skip a day here and there. Nothing rigid.

After drawing each head, I will change something in the next sketch...
placement of the eyes,
angle of the nose,
size of the ears,
eye brows...
My brain needs to learn scale and placement.

Let's see where this goes.
I want to be able to draw a moderately decent face from a photograph at first. Then I want to challenge my creativity to break the rules.

As usual, I am starting with a lofty goal for this new hobby.
Overcommitment seems to be the mantra with me.