Photo courtesy: Katie Smith at StoryCrafted

Photo courtesy: Katie Smith at StoryCrafted

My name is Abhishek Mukherjee and I am the curator of this website. I grew up in a middle-class family in the outskirts of Bombay. Western consumerism had not yet arrived during my formative years. My mother cooked meals from scratch. Homework was done by hand: fountain pen on single-line ruled notebooks. Our furniture was hand-built by local craftsmen. We played outside always. The prevailing theme was immediacy. 

The priorities that developed during my upbringing stayed with me as I got older. I pursue authenticity and humility in arts that are familiar to me like freshly cooked meals and handwritten homework. I shoot with manual prime lens' over automatic zooms. I also woodwork; I prefer hand tools over machines.

This website is an exploration of my photography, videography, and woodworking. I post blogs sometimes to explore an idea that has latched on.

Photo Courtesy Carmen Merino

The name "Sighthound Studio" pays homage to my wonderful Laya. She was my baby and I miss her every day. 


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